(5) Is it fair to charge local students a lower fee?

Post 5:

Recently we have been reading about the high tuition fees in the United Kingdom. Most are charging up to £9000 per year. A few days ago the Northern Ireland (NI) assembly indicated that it will charge those who are born in NI fees of around £3000 but charge those from England, Scotland and Wales yearly fees of £9000. This isn’t new, at present the Scottish government lets Scottish students study for free, if not free, around £1000 per annum.

Is it fair where you are born?

Perhaps, the rise of tuition fees (which begins next year, 2012) will stop ‘silly degrees’ being studied. But will it mean the rich to become extremely well educated, and the poor to stop at GCSE’s? What about those within our society who are middle class? Will they be able to make a decision to take out a heavy loan to further their studies.

I guess it is understandable if University courses would drastically improve. I.e., better opening hours, more tutors, more advice etc would (perhaps) justify where the actual money is going! For example, will an engineering student get to execute better projects as part of their course, or will things still be the same as they are now?

Will there be changes? Will those European lawyers open up a new path to make higher education fees standard around the UK, regardless of age, race, gender and location?!

Post 5, over and out, thanks again for reading!


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