(11) Do we have too many apps?

Post 11:

Today, we live in a world saturated with technology. In fact, we are engrossed with technology and almost ‘feed’ on it. For example, we can order our grocery online, and scan barcodes and/or QR scans via our mobile ‘phones. Is this technology gone too far?

Recently we now have access to an app which allows us to access religious content. We can read scriptures, others can say they are practising their religion (whatever it may be) within a busy lifestyle.

Marketing companies, especially Apple, are constantly telling the world/viewers of TV that they are almost excluded if one does not have an iPhone. Culturally we have changed in the 21st Century. Our way of life means that technology is at the forefront of our discussions, thoughts and opinions. Is this down to these apps. Albeit, Apple or Google’s Android market place via HTC etc

Then again, would a non-blogger, non-technology orientated person even notice this post or think twice about its contents?! After all, why would someone read a technology (social) orientated post when they can read the Newspaper?

Moreover, does an app world begin to see more of “them and us” …

Post 11, over and out. Thanks again for reading


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