(18) Great ways to backup your work

Post 18:

We all assume that our work is safe. For some, it’s those family pictures on our laptop computer, whilst others it might be an important University assignment. How can we ensure (to the best of our ability) that our data is stored for easy retrieval? That includes, a PC crashing!

  • Purchase a USB pen/flash drive … these are handy devices to store smaller pieces of important data. In fact, LaCie have invented an unique design so that your flash drive can blend into your keys. This not only means you can store documents, pictures etc on a portable device, but you can also take it everywhere (alongside your keys) for easy access
  • Purchase an external Hard Drive … fortunately these prices vary (i.e., you can get access a fairly cheap and large Hard Disc Drive) meaning that you can back up content on your PC/Mac
  • Get your bit of the Cloud … more and more people are referring to ‘the cloud’ – of course, this is a good thing! Basically this stores your files/data in a remote (secure) server somewhere else in the world. With an internet connection (and a PC, of course) you can save, alter and retrieve files if you know your unique password and user name/email address. Dropbox is an excellent place to start getting your space in the cloud. The other huge advantage of having a Cloud is the ability to know that (almost) nothing can stop you from retrieving your work/creations. E.g., fire, flood, computer theft, computer breakdown etc
  • NAS … now your talking money! Whilst these are more expensive than USB pen drives, HDD (Hard Disc Drives) they are more reliable. In fact, some NAS’s enable you to hook up an Ethernet cable to the main box/storage unit. In essence, having your very own server. Meaning that such technology almost combines a HDD with the Cloud element/principal
Post 18, over and out.

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