A new era of the web?

Post 23:

The internet is pack with information, some good, some not so good whilst other pieces of information has become apart of our daily lives (such as, BBC News and other Current Affair websites). But with more and more people accessing the internet, and more and more people creating accounts online, do we have a problem whereby the internet is really a messy mass of information. Something that leads us to useless websites?

Take the example of the last webpage site (www.wwwdotcom.com). It states that you have reached the end of the internet’s network … how could we if Blogs are being created daily, across the world?!

Last Website, ever!

Perhaps such URLs (as above) just add to the poorer content out there. Does such people actually demote the quality of the internet? Does the interent (as a structure) not have any control on what people say, how people will react etc One could argue, that the above site is scaring users of the internet

In all, what is interesting about the whole last webpage website, is that people will leterally write (and talk) about stuff of stuff. Will the internet every become safeguarded, i.e., quality control for websites and/or Blogs, quantity controlled for the number of emails a ‘normal’ person is able to have etc

What is really interesting about the internet is it’s ability to connect and interconnect people to places and things. But when one searches for a topic there are an array of results related to that search. For example, music … we can search for music and get artists official pages, or to Joe Bloggs’ Blog on a musical artist. One accurate, the other perhaps one sided because the person (indeed, personal) is writing from a fan point of view. Is the internet now just bits of peoples personal values and beliefs. I.e., is it that we are just writing about things on social networking sites? Such as, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bloggger, WordPress etc – is this the future of the internet? Short accounts relating to one’s own preference!

Post 23, over and out.


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