The power of the internet

Post 26:

Recently the Scottish Government banned cheap alcohol, claiming that it would help tackle binge drinking. Of course, retailers (such as, Tesco, ADSA etc) will have to come up with more ways to entice potential buyers to purchase alcohol so they can make a profit.

While the Scottish Government have successfully passed such laws, and they are being implemented, retailers are now scrutinising the actual papers – the legal documents. As a result, they (the retailers) have found out that those who live in Scotland can purchase cheap alcohol online (via the internet) whilst not breaking the new law.


Well, the Scottish Government specifically stated that cheap drink offers (such as, buy on get one half price) cannot take place on customers’ shelves; however, the government obviously forgot a strong medium when drafting up this proposal to tackle binge drinking, the internet.

Tesco (as an example, although other retailer exist) decided to place an advert for their Scottish customers’ to state that they can legally buy cheap alcohol online. The works because:

  • the alcohol is being imported from outside Scotland, i.e., England
  • goods (including alcohol) are allowed to be distributed from South to North, i.e., England to the Scottish Highlands.

Does this mean that companies need to reconsider one (crucial) element when they draft their next bit of legislation? That is, to have a Social Scientist involved within the process, to ensure such loopholes can be avoided. After all, one could argue, it has made the (expensive and lengthy) process look like a joke, because it is a law which can be bypassed if you have the right technology and providers. I.e., a computer and the internet.

Post 26, over and out.


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