A world within a world

Post 27:

Are we in our own bubble?

I touched on this topic a few posts ago, but as I looked at circular diagram (for one of my lectures) it reminded me of something – we are living in our own mini bubbles, or clouds.

As a whole, we are all preoccupied with our own lives, whether it is technology, socially (face-to-face) or anything else. Most of us are in our own bubble within the world.

Below, you will see that we are disjointing ourselves with the world, fact

One circle within multiple circles

Does technology enclose us?

One could argue that if we have an iPod on, or if we are using our mobile ‘phones, we are in fact in our very own circle within the world, somewhere. Is this a good thing? Perhaps, we are embracing technology! Or is this creating a negative influence on our technological minds? Perhaps, we are too engrossed within our own world we cannot see the other circles that surround us. For example, when listening to an iPod, are we taking in that there are cars around us, people wanting directions etc – are we rude when we are in our own bubble?

Post 27, over and out


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