What causes fire to actually hurt?

Post 28:

Why does fire hurt?

As part of a random post, I thought I’d share a question a young learner wanted to know the answer to last week, he said

I know a fire is hot, but why does it hurt?

For an eleven year old, still on the long road to learning, this was a really good (and interesting question). In a nutshell, fire is basically made up of lots (and lots of) energy. Energy can be pleasant, like sunshine. If it is a hot day, some people like to spend most of their time in this low state energy. Whenever it gets too much, energy (or fire) enters you quickly, causing it to hurt because it breaks up the bonds which make up your hands (or any other part of your body). Whenever, your hands get too much energy, and too many chemicals (which make up your hands) your brain basically sends out a signal to make that stop. This results in what we call, pain.

Post 28, over and out


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