Facebook or OpenBook?

Post 31

Just how private are you on Facebook?

Today so many people have Facebook, from businesses who have group pages to ‘ordinary’ people who use it to connect with friends and family members. But when I was glancing over a recent BBC News article about Facebook altering privacy changes, I was thinking just how private is Facebook?

Who owns your pictures? Facebook, or you?

As far as I know whenever you upload pictures, or write content on Facebook it is owned by them. Okay, that might have changed recently, but the fact is, everything (absolutely everything) is backed up on servers – all of which are owned by Facebook. It makes one think, if you upload pictures you took, from your camera to Facebook’s servers, you really don’t own them anymore.

Yes, Social Networking does offer its advantages, such as, the ability to communicate with those around world in a few simple clicks. But, does the digital trail of your content mean that your whole life is online? For example, if you were to upload pictures, and write content (textual) on your account, then delete it, does this mean that the main servers also delete it, or is it that Facebook keeps this, invading your privacy, your commands, on your account. Actually, on second thought, is it really your account?

Luckily enough I don’t have to worry about any of this, simply because I don’t particapate within this area of the Information Society. I’m one of the few ‘ordinary’ people to simply, email, text, call and blog (on here) about things. I am also interested in the work Google+ is doing, will there every be a day when Google+ becomes a verb? Will we ever enter into a new phase of social networking?

Post 31, over and out


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