Analogue to digital

Post 39:

Feed it, snap it, click it

So most things these days are digital, there are fewer and fewer VHS players, Mini Disc players and Mini DVs to name a few! But as we transform our world to 0’s and 1’s (digital language) what happens to all your old contents? Will you leave it in poor condition, or save it in storage and get it transferred to digital?

First thing’s first, this post wasn’t all my idea. I was flicking through BBC Click’s programme and came across this interesting video, seriously it is worth a (3:10) look. In it Ian shares his story of gathering his parents films, and getting it turned into digital technology by experts. He offers some great tips, such as, the importance of converting files to hard drive rather than DVD’s as this will loose picture quality due to compression.

What is the future of media?

So the big question: what is the future of media? Yes, it might seem a little mad to suggest that our DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs will be old soon, but what will happen to the new 3D technologies? What will the 23rd century bring to the technology world?

Some random things that might need to be considered:

  • no more USB pen drives
  • cloud computers – fewer hard drives

No more monitors, just projections on the wall

If technology is already undergoing change, what can we expect our computers to produce by 2050? Perhaps the ability for one panel (the computer base) to have a projection hole as a replacement of a monitor … the mind boggles with an array of possibilities, all good, of course!

Post 39, over and out


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