New iPhone 5

Post 40:

New Apple iPhone 5 features

Okay, the new iPhone features haven’t been released from Apple, but it does beg the question: what features will the new mobile device have?

Android and the competition

At the moment Android are leading the way with smartphone sales, they have been the biggest seller, especially through the South Korea manufacturer Samsung. But how can one huge company get left behind in the sales of another rival? Simple really, web 3.0

Web 3.0

Today we are in web 2.0 – people can contribute to the internet, particapate to individual (and favourite) websites. Recently YouTube released a new update of to give a more personalised look and feel, in the hope to capture viewers for longer. But what can Apple do to blow HTC out of the water? Well they could start by improving their camera’s pixels and offer payments via the iPhone.

Apple bounce back

Yes I am still predicting here, but I think the chances of Apple coming back (in turns of sales) is going to be huge. They will probably offer a feature which cannot be used: mobile payment through web 3.0

However, it would be likely that Apple will be ahead of times in terms of technology and innovation etc. It wouldn’t be totally unexpected to see Apple sync their mobile up to iTunes so users could pay for goods using their iTunes account. Let’s wait to see what new features the iPhone 5 will offer…

Post 40, over and out


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