Happy New Year

Post 46:

What was, 2011

I can remember celebrating 2011 like it was yesterday. We all went into a little Irish bar in Belfast (Northern Ireland) to bring in the New Year. I was in my first year of University, getting my own feet in another (larger) city! A lot has happened from then:

  • I got a part-time job whilst at University
  • I got some really good marks on my assignments, and exams
  • I met some really nice people, still in touch regularly with most of them
  • I now enjoy University more than last year!

So what do I expect from 2012? Well to continue to appreciate everything I have, and to keep appreciating my fantastic family and network of friends. I also hope to learn much more academically, socially, politically etc

So what now for 2012?

I hope to get better and better at my part-time job. Continue to be loyal to my friends, let the past shape me into a better person for the future. Or in the words of Coldplay, just realise and be thankful that we live in a “beautiful world, yes we do.” (Parachutes, Don’t Panic)

New year resolutions?

This is something I’ve stopped for several years now. But I do hope to be on here, this blog more to share with you, web 2.0 opinions, knowledge and information.

Happy New Year!

Where ever you are in the world, whatever you believe in, have a happy and healthy New Year. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again Happy New Year! Hope to keep in touch in 2012. Stay safe, enjoy life – live it

Post 46, over and out


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