Post 48:

Different types of failure

To be honest the reason I am writing this particular post is because I had a bad day a few weeks ago at University. It just wasn’t any day though, it was also the day of one of my exams. So on the whole it will have an effect on my academic performance for one unit. Perhaps what made this failure seem worse, and does make it seem worse is that I am still awaiting to see how badly I performed, as I still await my marks.

Then I was thinking (recently) that as a human being, and as part of the human condition we all make mistakes and we all learn from them. More recently I have been thinking that failure itself isn’t just down to one thing there are different types of failures. I am actually not a failure after a bad day!

Emotional failure

I could walk into a room and notice if there were tensions, or if someone was feeling bad without saying. Perhaps life itself (and past experiences) has enabled me to utilize this ‘skill.’ So in many regards that day didn’t make me a total failure simply because I ‘failed’ at an academic level.

Physical failure

On “that day” I had the ability to eat breakfast, I was able to walk to my exam, I was able to be a physical success even though I went into a room and messed up something I knew I could have done much, much better in.

Failure of ‘success’

Perhaps when I was walking to the exam about three weeks ago, I put a lot of pressure on myself?! Perhaps when I was in the exam I was thinking too much about the silly stuff rather than the task at hand – the actual exam.

Fear of the unknown

I went blank a few times – the battle of concentration came to the fore. The actual content became blurred. At the same time I was able to walk back due to other ‘successes’ and actually visualise what I missed out of the exam, and what I should have done. I could actually picture it in my head. Perhaps above all I have learnt that recognising failure is an actual success in itself.

It could have been worse

I survived, I recovered. I could have slept in – I had time management on my side. Perhaps whenever looking at failure in the future, I’ll be able to say

it could have been worse, I have learnt from it

Post 48, over and out


4 thoughts on “Failure

  1. Your words made me realize that I also think like that when I feel I failed at an exam. My exam session begins on the 9th and I totally freak out. But I guess the real success is, as you said, when we understand why we failed and how we can get better.
    It’s not a very helpful or intersting comment…

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