Online newspapers

Post 50:

Newspapers go on sale electronically

For many of us, we go online several times a week. For some, that is our main source of ongoing news stories. Albeit, busy lifestyles, enhanced gadgets, or it’s just pure convenience. But does the medium of the internet mean that physical newspapers will on day be a thing of the past?

Newspaper versus NewsOnline

We can walk into a shop, buy an A2 size paper with a headline on it, then read what’s in it. But will this still be about in fifty years time? Well, probably not. Why would a newspaper want to spend money on paper and ink whenever they can upload it online for everyone (or customers) to see? Well one huge advantage would be the number of people who have access to a computer and the internet. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of moving towards an electronic medium?

Advantage of online newspapers

  • Quick, easy and instant access to stories
  • Saves money on paper and ink
  • Get to change an error (almost) instantly

Disadvantages of online newspapers

  • Can’t cut out a story you want to keep
  • Need to read off an electronic device
  • Likely to get distracted by clicking on another link etc

What about young learners?

Call me old fashioned, but whenever I was growing up I was encouraged to physically lift a newspaper to read a story (or two) to learn the English language. To help with my spelling. Punctuation and grammar could be helped by underlining words or phrases that I never came across before. By underlining words I could run out to my parents (or grandparents) and ask them what a word meant, or how do you say “a big word.”

Print screen…

Well you could print the screen and crop an article out for future reference. But what if everyone did this, uploaded it to their own website, share it (potentially to the world) how would the newspapers survive this financial battle? It brings about the idea that one household could stop another two from subscribing

why bother whenever ABC has it?

The future of technology and those associated has still a lot of room for improvements!

Post 50, over and out.


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