We overthink

Post 51:

“Do you ever wake up tired in the morning”

OK, as humans we tend to think a lot, however there are times whenever we (as a race) overstep the ‘human condition’ mark. My friend asked me a few mornings, “Do you ever wake up tired in the morning? I hate that.” Yeah it actually does happen to everyone, simply because our body is literally starting to fire on all cylinders! We are us waking up our organs to do much, much more than they were one hour ago – as they were resting after sleeping.

Disease, what disease?

I’m in a huge city at University, there are so many student’s, but there are also too many over thinkers, or to put it another way, there are too many people to quickly diagnose themselves

What do I mean? A little sniff of a runny nose, and suddenly you have the flu. Not the common cold, or a bad day, but the flu! I don’t watch much TV, or if I do it is online to skip the commercials, because they are:

  • Too long
  • Full of diseases
  • Full of over the counter drug trailers

No wonder we are getting ‘sucked in’ by this influencer: the television.

How to stop over thinking, over analysis of information

  • Stop aiming for perfect this, that and the other, if it feels right it probably is! Trust yourself, trust your body, the brain is the best machine/invention/natural thing in the world
  • Take some silent time. Well, quiet time will do. Just 2-3 minutes of listening to quiet. What can you hear? Where is the noise coming from? Listen to your environment, listen to yourself – reflection
  • Whenever we do something, accept it. This includes mistakes. We cannot change history, that is how it should be. We learn from our mistakes. Whenever you try to recreate something you done so well before, they’ll always be different. They are good memories. They are life’s history ‘book’

Post 51, over and out. Thanks for reading!


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