The view of the world


The eyes as a window

They say that our two eyes are the windows of the brain, or something to that affect, well, at least that’s what I remember a good friend of mine say many years ago.

The reason why I write this post is to get across the idea that we all see things differently. Some see things more colourful than others, while others see the world more ‘exciting’ than others. However, there are times when we look at something and think “why did they not do it that way?”

I want it my way

Understanding that people see things differently help us understand one another, in turn, this helps us reduce friction, and recognise that people are even more entitled to their opinion and beliefs. After all, we do see the world differently, and if not completely different, then it’s slightly different: we are unique individuals. To become a more understanding individual, try to see another perspective.

One great image I find interesting is this one:

Optical illusion

Could you see the two words right away? Teach and Learn. Might I add, live on and experience!

Post 54, over and out


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