Enjoy your body

Post 55:

You only will ever have one body – take care of it

So I had the flu over the weekend, and was thinking today just how amazing our body is, yet we always put ourselves down whenever we should be supporting it.

Just quickly, whenever you get the flu it knocks you for six because you tend to lose your appetite, shiver, break out in hot and cold sweats. Our body raises it temperature to kill off the nasty virus, because normal body temperature allows viruses to multiple and live on if it didn’t change – nature is very clever indeed.

Do I look fat in this photo?

However, when we are feeling fine, we are very quick to shoot ourselves down. We don’t seem to appreciate the more precious things in life. We forget that we are unique individuals, and criticize ourselves, or even worse other people!

As part of being human we are far from perfect, but every day our heart just keeps beating to allow us to share our lives with other people. Our mind keeps growing to let us keep learning. Our face still smiles to let the world know we’re happy. But, when do we ever take time to consider these important things whenever we ponder on a funny story? Perhaps, we need to wake up everyday and say:

I am me, unique and a complete individual.

Everyone say “Cheese”

So the next time you have a bad hair day or you see someone else running late to get to somewhere, use your emotions to think, why do I judge others as I don’t wish others to judge me?

We are all entitled to bad days, we all have them, we are all human beings. But we can also get too wrapped up in ourselves by blurring what is really going on in life.

What we need to remember:

  • Life is good, if you feel good, embrace it – live it, take advantage of how good life is
  • If we get up and feel a little tired, or not quite our best, reinforce that things could be worse – keep going
  • We only get one shot at life, so why waste what we have but not using our skills, doing the things we are (and have always) been interested in by making ourselves happy
  • Eat a balnced diet, reward our brilliant body by giving it nutrients
  • Try not to turn into a fitness freak but try to get some exercise. Sometimes an evening walk lets us have some time with ourselves, our thoughts and appreciate things that are going on in our lives

This isn’t a spiritual message, or anything to that effect, but we do need to remember that we need to reconnect with ourselves. This could include, listening to our environment and acknowledge ourselves.

Self praise is no praise

Perhaps it isn’t right to blow our own trumpet but it isn’t wrong to say:

Go me, I did it.

One thing we can teach ourselves, is to teach others that life is precious, so enjoy it – live it, love it. Enjoy your body, use it to the best of your ability (albeit, a joke turning into a laugh, a walk turning into some self-time).

Now, that would be a fantastic generation of children – those who have a balanced life!

PS, sorry if this got a little deep. I am so glad to be eating, listening to music, and enjoying life after being in bed for a few days!

Post 55, over and out


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