Digital acceptance

Post 57:

Does technology remove our judgement barriers?

Yes! Over the last few weeks I have been reading more blogs on here than I ever have. I have been lucky enough for more people to follow my blog too – if you’re one, thank you!!!

But what I have learnt over the last few weeks, is that, technology almost removes judgements we tend to have on people in the real world. Have you ever read a blog and thought:

I’m not going to comment because….

Chances are highly unlikely. On here, we are reading people’s thoughts and opinions. We don’t care about the physical features a blogger has. Why does this matter? Well, perhaps the next time I am having a face-to-face conversation with someone, I must remember that everyone is unique, offers their own personal opinions, as well as allowing the more quiet people within society to have a bigger say on a topic.

I do try to do this every time I speak with someone. I like people, and for the most part, people like me. But the reason I am posting this on here, on is to hope that the next time you read someone’s post, you’ll think, that was good because of it’s content. And to reinforce, that you can try to understand another opinion by hearing their account, story or perspective. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll agree totally with everything they say.

Body size, odd pause

Why let a physical feature get in the way of information? Value people, for who they truly are. Now I wish I learnt this real life analogy in the classroom!

Post 57, over and out


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