Old memories

Post 58:

Time to reflect

OK, this morning I was eating grapes, and remembered the childhood thought of:

If you eat the seed, a tree will grow inside you

Or was this just me? In any event, I thought I’d share with you the little things which had a huge impact on my life whenever I was a young lad growing up. Is it just me:

  • Remember getting into the bath swirling around like it was a swimming pool, just me?
  • Remember emptying the bath, getting a bar of soap and using it as a ice scrink, just me?
  • Remember going to bed, waking up at the bottom of the bed, just me?
  • Remember looking forward to the dentist, in the hope you got a big sticker with a smiling face, just me?
  • Remember waking up with chewing gum in your hair, thinking it was great blowing bubbles, having to get a chunk of your hair cut out by your Mum, just me?
  • Remember loving your PJs so much, you wore them at every opportunity – I can recall a day when I presuded my Mum to let me wear my bottoms under my jeans! just me?

Good times

So there are some of the moments I had the opportunity of enjoying as a little boy. In fact, they are only a small part of the imagination I was lucky enough to have as a young kid growing up. Do you have anything you want to share? Going by mine, there are very little boundaries!

Post 58, over and out


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