Post 59:

Your past helps shape your future

So, a few days ago I looked at the number of assignments I have completed, and the small number I have left. I found that I only have a few pieces of coursework, five exams and in about three months that’ll be the end of Year Two. But I was also thinking that everyone has lots (and lots) of motivation, even when they don’t think they do!

Lots of us experience bad days making us stumble past each day very slowly. Often a really bad day can result in us thinking that the day is longer than it really is: an hour can feel like a day, let alone 60 minutes. However, we seem to wake up the next day thinking that we have a clean sheet of paper. Does this already reveal that a new day can often bring about more positivity?

Acknowledge a bad day

As humans, we all make mistakes, but as human beings we also have the ability to relate some excellent qualities, such as, coupling emotions, physical and verbal skills together – isn’t the body (and mind) amazing?

But what makes a bad day worth while, it to wake up the next morning saying to yourself:

Today is going to be much, much better

The very fact of us recognising that we are not performing to our best is our bodies way of telling us to rest. You could be a student pushing yourself too far, you could also be a Mum doing too much, or you could be someone who constantly keeps pushing boundaries so far each time.

But when did you ever say you accomplished something?

Bad days allow so many things

Having a bad day allows us to express ourselves emotionally to others. Something people do not naturally bring up in normal everyday conversations
Perhaps a bad day, allows us to remind ourselves that we can connect with our emotions – life could be worse
Having a bad day allows us to look forward to tomorrow even more than we were yesterday
Perhaps a bad day, allows us to remember than in life, we get to experience various levels of joy
Having a bad day allows us to keep more motivated than ever before
Perhaps a bad day, allows us to acknowledge that we are much stronger than we initially thought
This includes, emotionally stronger, physically stronger – the list goes on

In all, the next time you have a bad day remind yourself that you can do it, you will do it, and when you have a good day (hopefully the next day) by truly appreciating that life is full of finer things!

Post 59, over and out


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