Bounce back

post 61:

The mind wonders

I went for a walk earlier to find a load of cars in a huge queue of traffic. I began to think why the traffic was heavier than usual, and what frustration drivers within the cars may have been experiencing. But I also thought that we have the ability to bounce right back even if we don’t think we can, especially whenever we are in the moment of frustration etc

Lesson learnt? Yes!

So I was thinking what happened whenever I have been captured within a moment. Take the example of the time I lost concentration in an exam, just before Christmas last year. What happened afterwards was more powerful than the actual exam itself. Not sure what I mean? I’ll explain.

In one sentence this happened: I went to do an exam, lost my train of thought several times, walked back to my accommodation thinking about failure and different types of failure (which are also in the post above titled failure).

A few hours after this happened, I went out to get something to eat with some of my flatmates before we all went home to celebrate Christmas. We had nice food, a few laughs, got to know one another more than we knew one another before, and, we now have a memory in our life book which we can all remember, hopefully for years to come!

But what ultimately happened then, and happens to us all, is the fact that we can bounce back, even when we don’t think we can.

So even if you were that person stuck in the traffic, you will let go of it sometime within the future. Even if you were the person who was putting too much pressure on oneself, you will let yourself off the hook, and realise that life has much, much more to offer. Even if you were that person who looses it in the house, you will let go of the fact that your lazy lodgers are your family, and will always be there, despite there bouts of poor housekeeping habits, or whatever the case may be.

We learn

Appreciate that you can learn, and you will learn. Even if it is something we deem as being small, as I wrote in this post on education.

Keeping going, we will bounce back, even when we don’t think we can whenever in the moment

Post 61, over and out. Thanks again for reading!


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