Post 62:

Languages as we all know it

Everyday, everywhere there are so many people getting on with their lives in their own language. When was the last time you actually thought about your language, and use of it?

Having the ability to talk (in whatever language) gives us human beings strength, power and beauty. Take the example of a person trying to brignten up someone else’s day, their sentence can lift a persons mood. Take another example of a young child, just finding their voice, they can echo one word “dad” and make another human being run from one end of the room to the other end.

The power of language

By having a discussion with other people in our own native language, we can communicate with one another on varying scales. One spoken sentence could:

  • allow another person to see your point of view
  • allow another person to share their story
  • alter the whole mood of a conversation
  • wrap up a conversation by summarising the points, and agreeing to disagree.

The most amazing thing about language is that people do not have to complete surgery on one another to share an idea into another’s head and mind.

Mood and language

I am sure that someone has used their language to complete a fascinating piece of research on the relationship between language and ones own mood. Even if this hasn’t been done, I really do feel there is a connection. For example, the universal language of music transmits different sounds allowing us to feel better, more relaxed, or, just feeling the way we were before, simply by listening to sound in a certain language!

So many languages

A few days ago, I read an article and watched a fantastic video about a 20 year old man who can speak 11 different languages. Thinking to myself, how lucky and privileged it must be to speak another (single) language, let alone eleven. Perhaps, I’ll get a disc over the summer to enhance my basic French.

So what’s the point of this?

Our language gives us a means to communicate with one another. Yet our language is sometimes not even used. So whatever your language is, use it. It really could make someone’s day to say hello.

Hello in different languages

Post 62, over and out


2 thoughts on “Languages

  1. I liked this article. 11 languages? That’s just awesome ! I personally speak 4 languages but It’s not enough… I don’t feel enough connected to the world because that’s also what different languages knoledges allow to do : being totally connected to the whole world.
    So you tried French, huh? Practice it =) It’s a beautiful language…

    • 4 languages is a brilliant gift :) Your lingual ability makes you more connected to the world than you may think!

      Whenever I finish for the summer I intend to pick up French again. It’s been too long. Better late than never.

      Thanks again for your post :)

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