Power of the brain and mind

Post 66:

One of the greatest organ’s

Everyone on this planet possess one of the greatest things in the world – a brain. Some use it more than others, some use it as it comes and goes, some use it by pushing academic boundaries, some use it to communicate effectively, and others are unfortunate by not being able to extend their relationship with this organ due to other illnesses.

However, the average person doesn’t seem to take time to get to know this organ. That is, the average person does not really know themselves because they are sheltered by other things. For some, it could be coming to terms with our own hair, or lack of it. For others, it could be coming to terms with our own voice. In all, your brain and your mind can help you come to terms with yourself, both physically and emotionally.

Self acceptance and the brain

There is bound to be lots of articles, and people within psychology, medicine (mainly Psychiatry) and research scientists who know the correlation to being who one fully is, by knowing the relationship a person has with the brain and mind.

I touched on this in an earlier post on I wrote on here about how we need to enjoy our bodies more than we currently do.

How powerful is our brain?

Amoung other things, we can trick our brain to suit certain needs, wants and desires. Take the following as an example:

  • Did you know, every swallow you make you can hear a crackling noise in your ears?
  • Did you know, that your skin feels your clothes all the time. Yet, you sometimes forget about it?
  • Did you know, that your nose is always in your peripheral vision, yet you don’t even see it most of the time?

By now, you’ll have heard those cracks, felt your clothes on your skin and looked at your nose on your face – all this goes pretty much unnoticed – clever, hey?

But I also hope that you have noticed that you and I have a marvellous organ which we take for granted. I hope to develop this post further, but for now. Enjoy your brain, test your mind, and know that you can achieve a lot with this great instrument.

Post 66, over and out


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