Post 67:

Time will tell

Every second, minute and hour of our lives we are doing something. From sleeping, studying, walking, listening to music, or whatever else tickles your fancy, yet, we sometimes skip what time actually does.

Time: healer

If you cut you finger with a sharp knife in the kitchen, it’ll be sore at the time. But give it a few hours, the bleeding will stop, the swelling will increase and the body will automatically heal itself – amazing!

Time: ponder

Do you ever think about something you should be doing? Yet you think you’ll never get it done? But when it actually comes to it, you pull it out of the bag. Well, time always our mind to think, sometimes unconsciously about stuff, meaning that whenever we go to do something (like an essay or post on here) we can actually surprise ourselves by what we write, how we write it etc

However, while time also allows us to reflect on things we have done, time also allows us to think negatively, and ponder too much over the silly things we have done. So make sure you try to get this balance. If you did something stupid (such as, pressed a wrong button on a photocopier) let yourself off the hook. It really could have been worse.

Time: appreciate

The very fact that we have a clock on our wrist, ticking away, a chair to sit on, a TV to watch, allows us to appreciate what can be done in a certain time frame. But by just sitting in a chair, time itself allows us to actually take the time to appreciate life. In particular, the good things going on in your life. It could be, remembering when you woke up with a smile, or the time you did a good deed for a stranger in the street. Whatever it may be, appreciate whatever it was, because time is also the history book of everyone’s lives!

Time: listen

Our own thoughts often guide us to do what feels right, such as going with your gut reaction. By time also allows us to listen to ourselves in a much deeper level. Remember how to take in your surroundings?

Time: speech

Sometimes getting caught in a moment of silence allows us to relax with ourselves much more. But so does our language. So if something is on your mind, try to share it with someone else.

a problem shared, is a problem halved

Time: body language

Just by having time, we can think about others, and it is often good to do this from time to time. So next time you’re in a store and you see a person standing on their own, give them a simple smile. A smile a day really does go a long, long way. It could make someone’s day!

Time: endless

This post has to end, it’s time for it to happen. I do hope that you and others in the world will embrace time. Appreciate just how fragile time is. Remember, we never get it back. Use it, or lose it – dislike waste!

Post 67, over and out


2 thoughts on “Time

  1. sometimes I feel time also stops to allow us to relax. Time is God according to the holy Geetha. Your posts are wonderful my dear.

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