living life

Post 68:

Live life

I felt I needed to write something after I spent a great weekend at home with my family and friends. I also felt that I needed to write something which everyone could relate to – life.

live life - live on!

Everyday we are lucky enough to take on the world as we wake up in the morning. For some this could involve waking up beside a partner. For some this could be waking up (at home) with your bother(s) or sister(s). For some this could be waking up with someone you brought into the world – your son or daughter. Whatever way you start the day, it is really important to remember that you’re you!

Self recognition

Being able to share a life event with someone makes life seem enhanced. Getting a smile off another human being for being you is priceless. I bet everyone reading this can remember a morning over the last seven days when they felt good?! Perhaps because you saw another person feel good too!!!

If we are happy with ourselves, feel good about ourselves the chances of us having more smiling encounters with other people in our lives increases tenfold.

  • Eat more fruit – if you’re good on the inside it’ll show on the outside
  • Recongise that there is only ever going to be one you on this planet – no one else will be like you! Appreciate it more today than you did yesterday

Here’s one sentence I was thinking of whenever writing this post:

Life is short, so make it sweet, and share it with as many people who appreciate sweet things!

Post 68, over and out


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