Post 69:

Use what you know

So I was thinking that every one has thoughts, opinions and have reacted to something at least once in their lifetime. But do we take time to pass on our thoughts, or better still our advice?

Someone making someone else smile

One of the best things in life, is the ability to meet other people. But why not take it futher: make an impact on someone else!

  • Speak: if you have leant something from an experience in your life, tell someone else so they don’t make the same negative experience
  • Listen: if you can do one thing for someone else, lend them an interesting ear. You would be surprised how much someone would appreciate a listening ear
  • Good turn: even if it’s saying hello to someone who is a little older than you, make time to start a conversation. Appreciate your language – share it, use it

Post 69, over and out


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