Advice continued

Post 70

Two people offering advice to each other

Two people offering advice to each other

Making advice personal

So in a post a few days ago on advice, I tried to touch on the importance of giving advice, but I didn’t actually get to the crux of the matter.

By simply having some advice shows a few things:

  • you have learnt from something
  • you are learning from someone
  • you are adding your own experience to make advice better

Better advice? Hum …

Well this one is difficult to answer, simply because some bits of advice are precise, specific and completely relevant to an event, that know matter what way you reword it, it won’t have the same effect – or sound nowhere as good as the ‘new’ advice.

Advice shows strength from our part. It simply shows strength. Why and how? The fact that you have gone through a difficult situation shows that you have been able to bounce back from a difficult situation. Reflecting on advice from that difficult situation confirms that you survived that situation, and have turned it into a strength of your very own!

Advice is a quality

Not everyone can give advice. So next time you find yourself helping your little nephew, daughter, grandson, partner, friend (or whoever else is important in your life) make sure you congradulate yourself for being able to offer someone one of lifes greatest gifts – advice.

Spread the advice, share the advice and together we can all make a difference

Post 70, over and out


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