Life doesn’t have a time scale

Post 71:


From the moment we are concieved in our mothers womb, there is an approximate time scale given to everyone – 9 months! But not everyone is actually born in exactly nine months, some are born premature, others run by nine months etc. But what does this actually show? Well, that life itself is precious. So much so, that life doesn’t have a time scale even from day one!

live life everyday

Childhood to Adulthood

Whenever we enter the real world (i.e. are independent from our parent(s) because we can survive by ourselves) there is no guaranteed time scale of how long we’re going to live. For some it could be (sadly) shortly after they are born, for others it could be as a young child, for others it could be as a teenager, or, right up to an old, well lived elderly person remembering their life as they sit on a comfortable soft seat.

What does time teach us?

I guess there isn’t a single answer for this, but in this case, life teaches us to enjoy time! That is, we really don’t know whenever the guarenteed day of death will come to us and our families, but what we are guaranteed is that time makes living (and life) more precious than ever before. Who knows what could happen tomorrow?

so remember to:
appreciate each day as it comes
so remember to:
smile once a day
so remember to:
try to say hello (or smile) to a stranger in the hope to make their day
so remember to:
be surrounded by those who make an impact on your life, you never know when it will end

I don’t want to get across the idea that death is just around the corner, or remind those who have recently lost a loved one, but to hopefully make you really live your life more fuller than you sometimes do

Post 71, over and out


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