News story, twisted on purpose

Yesterday, I was reading a BBC news story online, and I got thinking around it’s content. So, briefly, what was the news story about so you can get what I meant about thinking around the content?

  • the internet group Anonymous attacked (500) websites in China
  • most of the web sites were government based, or related agencies
  • Anonymous used their message to promote Chinese citizens to rebel against the ‘controlled’ society

political & social view

For some people reading this post (and linked article) the thoughts of cyber war might be running through their mind. For others, the thoughts of how Chinese citizens are ‘locked away’ from the ‘real world’ might come to the fore. For others, the Great China Firewall, or for the techie people the thoughts of a well controlled (DoS) attack was successfully accomplished in the ‘tailored,’ often unknown and limited, infrastructure of the Chinese internet was avoided and bypassed by effective use of computer skills.

Chinese firewall for computers within China

self and spotlight

Whatever your view is on the actual content of this article, doesn’t really matter for this post. Why? Well, I want to tease out one keyword from the article – anonymous! Not the actual group Anonymous, but what the word actually means.

being different

I am in no way praising Anonymous for their activities, or trying to establish why they have done something and how it might be the right or wrong thing to do. Who am I to judge and condemn? But what I am saying is that, us human’s need to realise that being out of the limelight, often working away anonymously isn’t always a bad thing.

dare to be different

Text: "dare to be different"

Perhaps not being at the forefront of a crowded room isn’t always a good thing. Perhaps not letting people know what great work you are doing is always a good thing. Perhaps being anonymous allows us to be content with ourselves rather than that of others – perhaps, this is a really good thing.

the power of you

So the power of producing good quality work and combining it with less self praise is very powerful. In an earlier post on education, I pointed out that we need to reward ourselves, but I also pointed out that some people reward themeselves too much. But hopefully this post shows that you can do things without being fully recognised. That is, Anonymous (perhaps not all good) do work without recognising individuals, yet they make the headlines, they make a huge impact on our lives by using ICT’s.

So next time…

  • …you produce a good quality report, don’t run around too much saying what you did. The cover sheet with your name is enough
  • …you complete a presentation successfully, sit down and reflect to yourself, how well it went without ranting about your wonderful qualities

Why? Well self praise is no praise. And if you deserve praise you will get it eventually. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for allowing me to share what might seem to be a wacky thought behind an important piece of news.

Post 73, over and out


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