Just a day

So you will have gathered that I am in the middle of my exams, but I am also, for the first time, having a lot of time to actually reflect on time itself. Not that I was ever getting less time before, but my use of time is much more efficient than it was a few weeks ago.

What is a day?

Strictly speaking a day consists of twenty four hours, or 1440 minutes. Whatever way you look at it may depend on how you use your day, rather than it just being another day.

Self-made study clock

Clock showing different activities

This is a quick mock of my imaginary clock, the day before I prepare to study. Why can’t I pack everyday like this? If not studying, doing something, simply rest time. Or is it just me?

Revision: longer hours

For example, during the year I used to potter about, at a slow(er) pace to get things done, now that I am under time pressure (due to exam timetables) I have to make proper use of my time. As a result, my minutes often need to be exhausted, positively. My hours need to be used wisely, and my days need to be planned to maximise what I can do in them.

Importance of having a viewpoint

In this case I am directly referring to myself and my exams. But time management is really important for each and every one of us! I have found that having a focus (by having a deadline) has made me use my time better than I have been doing. In a previous post, titled time, I acknowledged that time is precious etc. But I didn’t acknowledge:

  • production – productivity – of how much more can be done in a day, a week, a month, a year …
  • the power of our mind over time constraints
  • really appreciating a good rest
  • appreciating time to cook a homemade meal – one that takes a few hours, and gets everyone talking about good food (and drink)

How to adjust our own time?

Well, one thing is certain in life: life will continue to ‘tick’ regardless of what we think, what we do, and how we do it. So use your time wisely – do something you want to do! How? Adjust your clock – make your day full of things you can do, things you will remember – one day you might be lucky enough to reminenance on the good times. Something is better than nothing! Good luck doing it too.

Post 79, over and out


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