Unplanned power

Our plans don’t always go exactly the way we want them to. But that is as it should be, unplanned, often having a powerful impact.

Remember when…

  • …you were at a party and said that joke in perfect timing, but you thought it wouldn’t have sounded the way it did – great
  • …you were running late for the bus but it was also two minutes late, allowing you to get to Z on time
  • …you were thinking of what to write in a text message to a friend, but when actually came to writing it, it read better than you initially thought
  • …you dreamt of doing something, perhaps a career, or spending lunchtime with your family one day, but it turned out to be better than what you originally thought. The lunch was beautiful, and the conversation was flowing

Power of thinking and doing

Simply by thinking about something is power – it shows original thought, it shows that you are able to actually achieve and do something! So the next time (which will be very soon) you plan something, think of its power and soak it all up – it’s powerful stuff.

Post 81, over and out


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