Dear Bad Day

It just takes one day to bring you down, why?

Not you, it’s me

Bad Day, I read the above headline and could not stop thinking that having a bad day is a part of life, living things, and, for most of us, a bad day lets us know what we really have! But why can I not see it like this whenever I meet you, Bad Day?

It is both of us

Bad Day, you do not seem to let me think about exercise whenever you are about. Whenever I meet you, I often forget that a long walk, and maybe a little jog along the way is a good thing to make my bad day a GOOD day. You push the clouds away, far, far away.

I also get extremely annoyed, and I often ponder about the silly things in life whenever you are around, Bad Day. Why can I not remember all my happy songs on my iPod whenever you are around? Why can I not forget that we even met, Bad Day? Wait…I just did writing those two questions. Why?

A typical day

Everyone experiencing life will have a bad day, that includes me, you, the person who is reading this, their best friend, their bloggers…. The list really is endless. But the real reason I forgot about you Bad Day, is because I can, at the moment, think of positive things to do, think etc whenever you are in my life.

Knowing is half the battle

Merely by knowing that you may be there, Bad Day is a little reassuring because I can build myself up quicker, after a bad day, a bad time and a bad anything. I do hope I don’t meet you soon, but if I do, I have a few things up my sleeve:

  • walking
  • talking
  • acknowledging
  • music
  • think of the good times more

So before I press the publish button on this, I hope that my reader(s) will appreciate that they too can get rid of you for a little more.

Yours sincerely,


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2 thoughts on “Dear Bad Day

  1. Your last words turned my bad day into a good evening =) I changed my playlist from “depressing songs” to “happy anthem” :p Thanks for this nice blog, as always ;)

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