Why we shouldn’t hate

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word ‘hate’ as:

intense dislike … feelings of hate and revenge

Hate is a strong and powerful feeling

If you hate someone, or something, you have very strong, intense feelings about a thing or a person. It is just as strong as loving someone, or something. So why do you want to begrudge something, or someone so much?

Dislike is better than hate

You might not always agree with someone, or you might not like the physical look of an object (something), but whatever it may be, having hate for something, or someone is a very powerful, strong, intense feeling from you – the hater. It’s the opposite of love!

If you dislike someone, or something instead, you don’t have strong feelings for them, or it, if it’s an object. Does having strong feelings for something, or someone also mean you really like them? Perhaps it does. Does disliking someone, or something mean that you do not have strong feelings for them/it? Maybe so.

Try to get by, don’t have hate in your mind – it’s too strong, it isn’t that good, and it’s (usually) not worth it. Why show someone, or something an intense feeling if you really do not care that much about them / it?

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2 thoughts on “Why we shouldn’t hate

  1. Very intesresting post, again =) I agree with you when you say that hating is a very strong feeling. It’s also a kind of waste of energy that the pseron could use to try to understand why he/she hate that thing and so, get out of this hating feeling.

    Loving is better =D

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