5 reasons why social media is popular

Social networking is everywhere – it’s now dominating our own TV screens. Years ago mobile phones made their way onto our TV screen by observing someone on TV text or call another person. Now our TV is showing hash-tags, demanding that the viewer Tweets or Facebook’s the programme – they hope to take over the cyber world by using words or phrases that are created by the viewer to summarise what we are watching. E.g. #PlanetEarth nature’s own program, well done to the BBC!

Why is social media taking over?

  • it is free – social media websites are offering their services to gain consumer opinions on products and services
  • it is easy to use – years ago computers were used by those who were deemed as being “computer literate,” today social media is being used by people who have never used a computer before. E.g. Apple’s iPad allows a person to go online without, technically using a computer to do so! *
  • it’s full of opinions – no matter what anyone is talking about, you can be certain that social media is being used to discuss with others what is happening in the world. As humans we love this, we love to express ourselves – even if it is 140 characters on Twitter!
  • it allows us to interact – we can share pictures on Tumbler and Facebook of our new dog / car. Our friends get a quick visual update of what we are doing
  • it is instant – now our mobiles are filled with apps, we update one another about what we are doing now, right now, in real time. We love hearing about breaking news and events. It’s now rare to buy a new mobile which cannot connect to the internet, or run the latest app.
Hand and thumb outline

Hand and thumb outline of social media associated words

As a thumbs up to social media, these words are supposed to be the shape of a fist and thumb – does it look like a finger or thumb?

What’s your view(s)?

Do you think there are more reasons to add to this list? If so, please feel free to comment.

* Well, except for the initial installation!


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