How time really does change!

One minute will always be 60 seconds, but our view of what goes on within a single minute can change drastically. Let me explain why:

Our child view of time

I do not know about you, but whenever I was a child time flew by! I am now an adult, in my twenties, but whenever I think about my childhood it seems to have gone by in a flash.

Of course some people will argue that this is a sign of a good childhood, one full of lots of stuff, good stuff because it went by quickly. If you are one of these people (with this perspective), you would be right – childhood for me was, luckily, very good.

I’ll do my homework at 7pm … It’s 7:07pm, too late to do it

As a child looking at the clock, I often thought that time was stupid, even long(er) than it really was. It reminded me of boring trips to the supermarket, or sitting in the back seat of a car thinking that the roads never ended.

But the point I am trying to make, is that, as adults our view changes – for the better, of course. Time becomes precious, and with responsibility time also becomes productive! As we begin to focus on something, we can find that our use of time is better. Better in the sense that what we do within a time frame can surprise us.

Young adult, young child

Using the quote above (about putting off homework, and then realising that it wasn’t exactly that time, thus it was too late to do), an adult’s view of time is so different than a child’s view of it. It’s not necessary better because (in this example) putting off homework was a good thing as a child.

As an adult we tend to spend most of our time trying to fill our time wisely, if that makes sense?

Let’s meet after dinner to arrange that …

As adults we fill our lives with people and places. We feel the need to do something, like blogging, for example. We don’t do something without saying what we are doing. Is this us trying to justify what we are spending our time on? Maybe!

Time liked with association

As adults our ability to recall something is increased if we can remember doing something with time. So it would be fair to say that linking time with people and places means that our use of it is a little better. We tend to appreciate it more.

Whatever it is, time is precious. We cannot get it back. Yesterday becomes the past, tomorrow’s thoughts are what we hope to fill the future with. Appreciate your time, albeit surfing the web, just remember that we do not get it back, so whatever you do, make sure you don’t regret it.

How are you going to spend your time tomorrow?


6 thoughts on “How time really does change!

  1. Funny to find out that I’m probably still a child :p Time is strange and I can’t say if something took the right amount of time. Everything seems always too long or too short and I end up feeling regrets.
    Tomorrow I’ll study all day because of an exam wednesday. And I surely will regret this time spending in studying ha ha =)

    • Maybe next time you won’t have any regrets for something you have already done. As you grow a little older you might change your views on time, and use of it — maybe you won’t regret time in a few years. Thanks again for the comment, ladyofflesh

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