Why are grades going up?

The news is filled with articles claiming that students in the UK have seen a little drop in grades [1]. But why are grades getting better? Why did this not happen thirty years ago?

Technology boom

Most people today have access to electronic equipment, and most of these people have access to the internet. With this combination, people can easily find out information. People can share information too – including past papers! We can share our knowledge, expand our understanding and allow our brains to grow with technology. This wasn’t possible 30 years ago.

The blogging effect

As we search, we can find lots of websites, some good and not so good. But if we dig deeper, we could find a site that suits us, our learning styles and our lingo. Blogs are key to this type of development.

As a producer of a blog, you are enhancing all your skills without really realising it. Does blogging automatically make you better at English? From this angle, having a blog, no matter what content you write about, automatically forces you to think (working under pressure) and produce user specific content – we all have an audience.

Search and knowledge

Computers not only allow us to expand our understanding quickly, they also allow us to find out information at a little cost. There is no need to buy expensive dictionaries, or a series of books, to find out what interests you. So, searching sometimes helps our grades go up if we are at school / college, or allows us to expand our brains if we have left.

Technology makes things easier, faster and cheaper. Information seems to become accessible. Technology also helps us feed our brain. Blogging also helps us to share an interest with one another, in a controlled medium.

So does technology allow our grades to improve? Most likely, yes! What do you think?


  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-19266381

8 thoughts on “Why are grades going up?

    • Thanks for this, The Good Greatsby! You have an interesting angle too. What if I said teachers are getting better? Does this still mean that students are just, say, naturally smarter, or that our relationship with technology is getting better?

  1. I also think that technology is the key that make us feel that grades are getting better. I thought by reading this blog “I practiced my English with blogs and online friendships, this is not my mother tongue but I can easily think and speak in English as I do in French”. Technology surely helped me to have a bigger knowledge. But about the fact that people are getting smarter… I wouldn’t say that because technology also have bad effects. We use to look after the easiest way to have an information, we forget that sometimes, going to a library can be so much more better than sitting in front of a computer on universalis.com =)

    • I have to give you a huge apology, ladyofflesh. Over the summer home I have been a little lazy, and your excellent comments slipped by me! I am only getting to view them now.
      You are so right about the negative impact technology can have on us. Does technology make us lazy? Is technology allowing us to have educational short cuts?
      Keep up your brilliant English. You have a fantastic gift — some people don’t get to discover their gifts.
      Are you now exam free?

  2. It’s okay, I’m not that much on my blog too so it’s okay :-)
    I still have 2 huge tests to succes on January before I have my grade and definitely end with this courses. It’s all about a work experience and a kind of ressearch and reflexion about it to expose to my teachers. I don’t know if it makes sense but that’s it :) Thank you for taing the time to reply and interact with your readers :) Take care!

    • Thank you ladyofflesh, it is good, as always, to read your comments.
      To you January may seem like a long, long way away. But know that all your hard work will pay off, very soon :)
      You will be a great teacher. You have a great outlook on life, and you are interested in other people and things — including learning!
      If it helps, I surround myself with music during a stressful period. Don’t worry, you will be finished soon.
      Good luck with your studies and reports ;) You will do well.

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