The unwritten rules

Do you ever find yourself in a situation were you are standing with someone you do not know, and you both are doing the same thing? These are the unwritten rules!

Examples of “unwritten rules”

  • If someone is using the ATM (Automatic Telling Machine, sometimes referred to as a bank machine) you must stand behind them, usually three to four feet to help with privacy and fears of being mugged
  • Whenever you meet someone, you ask them how they are doing
  • If you read a post you really like on WordPress, you must hit the like button, and check out another post to see if you are going to follow that person
  • You must stand behind a person to form a queue, not to their side — such as that at a supermarket checkout
  • Whenever you hear a loud bang, you must look to that direction — where is the sound?
  • If someone smiles at you, you must smile back
  • If you walk into a kitchen and someone is cooking something nice, you should say: that smells good — before you have even tasted it

Unwritten rules are global

I think it is safe to say that these unwritten rules are global — they are recognised worldwide. These rules are generally learnt by other people, mostly our family members. They are generally done out of respect for other people.

Unwritten rules help the world go round. Do you have an unwritten rule you would like to add? Please comment below!


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