Name a hobby, and what do you get out of it?

Music is universal, at this very moment someone is listening to a song — or even better, an album.

Live music

Live music has a great atmosphere. The whole song sounds better, without even changing the words / lyrics. The reason it can sound better is because it is live. The words become clearer, the whole song is understood. The beats feel alive, fans put their stamp on a song — fans can sing along to their favourite tracks. Fans really can make music come to life.

Being at a live concert is also beneficial for a social person: I like music because it allows me to socialise with other people.

Music is motivating

For certain events I like to have music, such as going for a walk (or run), for example. Music motivates me, drives me, and allows me to do chores — even if I don’t particularly want to do them.

Music allows me to get up and start a long day. Music also breaks up a long and stressful day. For this reason, music is my life.

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Music is powerful

Beyond the lyrics, which themselves are often very powerful, music is generally powerful. Have you even heard a song in the morning, and get it stuck in your head? This is just how powerful music is. One three minute song can have a lifespan of a whole day — you sing it, hum it, or just think about it all day long.

Music connects people. People connect with music — people associate music with events, times, and other really personal things.

Music is a good hobby. Music connects with me, I connect with music. Music is my great hobby. Is music your hobby? What do you get out of it? Why do you like music so much?

So music is a hobby because it allows me to overcome many difficulties. Music is always there, and live concerts allows my favourite songs to come to life.

This post is an expansion of music: hear it everywhere.


4 thoughts on “Name a hobby, and what do you get out of it?

  1. This reflects exactly why I love music. And it is so right that live music, shows, concerts, really give life to the songs. The best thing I’ve ever experienced is to discover a new band live, on the stage.

    • It is good to know that you also love music — even as much as I do ;)
      I guess the moral of the story is that music gets us through difficult times.
      Thanks again for your comment, and ‘like’ — couldn’t ask for anything more :)

  2. Music is a huge part of my life too. Music helps me express my heart and emotions in ways that surpass what my words could ever do. There is so much depth in music. Even when there are no lyrics, music can tell a story and convey a host of feelings so deeply and eloquently. Lastly, at least for me, music never fails to capture my heart and stir my soul. I absolutely love music. : )

    • Thank you, anautismdiary for your comment and ‘like’ on my blog!
      I was really interested to hear your thoughts on the impact music has on life’s situations. I couldn’t agree more with your comment.
      Hope to see you around

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