Five a day — it’s as easy as juice

Getting five portions of fruit and vegetables is important to reach optimum health. I would also argue that your mind becomes free, and you feel better as a result of eating balanced meals too. In a sense, good food also impacts your mood, and train of thought(s).

Five a day doesn’t have to be difficult

I love technology, and I love using new gadgets — this includes a juicer / blender. I think this combination is good, and I hope you do too.

By using a juicer, you can easily get five portions a day in one glass. Does this mean that we might be able to get eight portions, or more, a day, instead of five? The more the merrier.

Fresh fruit makes a great smoothie

Easy way to get your five a day!

Bursting with flavour

By blending a banana, orange, handful of red and green grapes, a pear and an apple, I was guaranteed a fresh taste. But by taking full advantage of these fresh fruits, I added some natural yoghurt too. Natural yoghurt, with probiotics, can help (as well as the banana) to feed our “good bacteria” within our gut (colon / large intestine). Try it. My glass was definitely half full — not half empty with this healthy, nourished, and positive body and mind. The flavour is excellent, and very sweet. I also think that natural sugar is better than buying it from a packet.

Photo of an empty pint glass

Okay, a little greedy, but it was very, very tasty.

Who said getting your five a day was boring, or difficult? Who said fruit doesn’t taste good. A whole pint of nutrition, I hope my body thanks me by staying healthy!

Enjoy your body. Listen to your body, remember the self-regulation posts? Have fun! Your body and mind will take care of you! Without one healthy, the other suffers.


6 thoughts on “Five a day — it’s as easy as juice

  1. I love smoothies! (In the states, yogurt + blended fruit = “smoothie”). I like that you used a blender instead of a juicer. That pulp from the fruit has lots of fiber that you wouldn’t have if you strain it. Thanks for encouraging your readers to be healthy!

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