We are a little impatient, let me tell you why

A few days ago I was walking back to my place, but I had to cross a large road to get back. During this time something struck me: we are a little impatient as a race.

Traffic lights don’t stop us

I have to admit, a little annoyingly, that I have done this too. Have you even been at traffic lights, pressed the “green man” button and crossed the road, even if the light was green, or amber?

By doing this you are putting a few things at risk:

your safety
because you could get run over, or fall because you are about to run, or could trip over something
the atmosphere of other people at the lights
your early, and potentially dangerous actions, can cause others to copy what you have just done
Have you ever noticed that once one person at a busy traffic light makes a move, another person automatically follows?
children’s learning
Have you ever crossed a road at a red light in front of a child? If so, you are not helping them learn how to cross the road safely
Children also learn by observing what other people, usually adults, actually do. By not waiting on the green man you are encouraging children to engage in potentially dangerous activities

I am not saying that we are all impatient, or we are all bad examples. But have you ever gave a second to think to yourself that we need to grow a little patience? Does patience allow us to have time to ourselves? Will patience improve our ability to think clearly?


6 thoughts on “We are a little impatient, let me tell you why

  1. You know what, I’m one of those people. I HATE waiting for the green man when there are no cars in sight! I’m not sure it’s impatience just more of a time efficiency thing. Why wait when there aren’t any cars? Although I will say, if there is a child around, I always wait. I totally agree with the observed learning thing.

  2. Good points. In our rush around, instant gratification, high demand society a lot of patience (and common sense and decency in some cases) has been lost. We all need these reminders to slow down, think, and reflect from time to time. Thanks for this post. :)

    • Thank you very much for your comment and like, dogfordavid — really appreciate them!
      This comment really sums up why I posted this post: “we need these reminders to slow down, think and reflect…”
      See you around ;)

  3. My mom always say “Is the car that hit you not the light”, she was rather paranoid about cars, I grew up like that and up to this date I can’t jaywalk, unless the street is totally empty, otherwise I hear my mom’s voice.

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