Keep your biscuits fresh

Do you ever buy biscuits, open them up, eat a few, put the rest in the cupboard and go to get another biscuit a few days later and find it’s gone off? Well this tip (or as I’m discovering — lifehack) is for you: twist the packet and turn it upside down.

Freshness is important

I love biscuits, as well as any sweet things, but I do not like it when they go steal. This week’s post focuses on how you can use the packet to your advantage.

Lunch boxes can take up room, as well as a few coins from your pocket. But if you twist the packet, turn the biscuits upside down, and kneel them against a sturdy item then you can protect the freshness of your biscuits.

Photo of a biscuit packet

Twist the opened end, flip packet and kneel against a stable object.

You will find that many packets can be twisted — including the cereal bag within the cereal box. This keeps the crunchiness.

Do you have any other storage suggestions? Feel free to share them!


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