You might want to read this post — and blog

There are so many great blogs on here. I follow quiet a range of content, and in recent days I have been followed by a range of people who produce a great range of content too. A mix is always a good thing!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on herbal teas and outlined the health benefits etc. but a followee of mine, shellynajjar, pointed out that some herbal teas can have effects on people who take medicine(s), even herbal medicine(s).

Shelly is a qualified nutritionist and she has scheduled herbal tea drug interaction on the effects herbal tea can have on us. When it goes live in a few hours, you might want to read this post — especially if you read my post a few weeks ago (or if you drink, or are drinking herbal tea).

Thank again to the regulars on here, to the other random visitors and to every follower. I really, really appreciate your time to read my posts, like my content and share your thought(s) by using the comment(s).


17 thoughts on “You might want to read this post — and blog

  1. Thanks for sharing this :) I myself do not drink tea and can’t take herbal medicine, but I have more than a few friends that do both. I will be passing this on to them. Thank-you. :)

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