Life’s decisions are made all the time.

  • Will I log on to see what’s on WordPress?
  • What will I have for dinner?
  • Will I walk the dog tonight?
  • Will I get up and close the door?

We make decisions all the time. Sometimes we do not even know we are deciding something.

Shall I have white, milk or dark chocolate?

The point I am trying to make is that decisions get easier. The more we make them, the easier they are to make.

Yeah. I’ll have milk chocolate instead.

Practice really does make perfect. The more decisions you make, the easier they become to make — and achieve.

Now I am not saying that all decisions are easy; I wish they were. But the point is that after making a difficult decision, making a similar choice will be easier. Albeit slightly because you will have a little experience of the situation.

*note to self* Maybe this is useful to think about next time a difficult decision needs to made?!


4 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Dark chocolate. Delicious. Specially since I’m in France atm :D
    Otherwise, I automate the wordpress decision – I’m automatically logged on :D And have made it instinctual to log on if I am on a site which appears to use wordpress, and I don’t see that bar above. (Its quite odd how I can now recognise sites that use wordpress, even when not logged on.)

    So, I guess I have practiced the wordpress decision to the point of instinct. :D

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