Getting legal music doesn’t have to be difficult

Music: what are the choices?

The internet has grew so much recently, so too has misuse of the web. More and more people are downloading music without paying for it. Sometimes some of these people get caught by their native police force, others can avoid it by making use of jurisdiction and technology (such as, VPNs, for example). But it it difficult to get legal music on the internet?

Streaming services

Spotify, for example, allows users to log on to an account and choose their own songs to listen to. Although streaming is a form of downloading, it does not stay on the hard drive of your computer [1]. This means that your computer (at home) tells a website you want a song, it fetches it (maybe sends an advert with it) from the companies server and they allow you to play it through your computer. Companies like Spotify make a lot of money from adverts because they have a high level of hits (the number of people who check out their site).

There are so many other examples, so much so, I do not want to try to name them here because I probably only know an eighth of them — if that. It also varies from country to country, which is good for us — a variety is always good. But it is worth highlighting, at this point, that streaming is easy to do. This is legal because you are not depriving an artist of their earnings. However, this option is a little time consuming (i.e. you have to go to a website, log on, and type what song you want) but maybe it will get easier?

Cheap music

I am not that old but I have noticed that music has become cheaper to purchase — legally. This is a good thing, of course. Years ago I couldn’t have imagined to buy one song off an artist I didn’t particularly like. What do I mean? Well, digital music has allowed a greater access to the various parts of artists. For example, users can buy an individual track rather than buying a whole album. For example, Apple’s iTunes allows users to do it, almost effortlessly.

Digital music has become fragmented. This is a good thing!

The ethical questions

This isn’t a solution, but it could help the world to make one. And I am convinced that the world will make a global decision in my lifetime. Imagine if we all started to use technology a little better, streaming songs rather than illegally downloading them. Would this be fairer to the artist(s)? Would this make the governments in our home nations to make technology more accessible if we start to use it correctly? Would they think about giving power to the people rather than taking it away by enforcing strict laws in every country about what can and can’t be done?

If the song is really good, why not buy it? Turn that great feeling into a great act — pay for more great songs to be released.

You and I can help this. Next time you want to listen to a song, use one of these free services. They are free and fairly easy. This small change can help, especially with ethical issues.



14 thoughts on “Getting legal music doesn’t have to be difficult

  1. I am big on this subject. Just ask any of my friends who have encountered me when trying to copy one of my cd’s or dvd’s or who have tried to use my computer to illegally download a song. I won’t even accept a gift if I realize it’s been retrieved for me illegally (example: a home cd with a list of songs illegally downloaded).

    Every one who knows me around here where I live, knows where I stand on the issue and has learned quickly that I won’t budge and why.

    These artists are working hard to provide the music/movies/entertainment that they provide. Just as the average Joe like me would want and deserve to be paid for our hard work, so do the artists. When we illegally download or copy something, we’re stealing from them. And it does effect their paycheck. Many a young artist or group went out almost as fast as they came in. Not because they weren’t popular, but because their work wasn’t selling (even when it’s topping the charts in popularity at the time). The main reason something that popular doesn’t sell? People are getting it for free illegally.

    It’s more than just imoral to do this stuff. It’s cruel.

    Getting music free if, one is that intent to do so, can be done in so many better ways than stealing. Through sites like the one you mentioned, special codes that you can get from time to time through purchases of your favorite pop or snack food, and even through just turning on that old dusty radio.

    Thanks for doing a post on this subject. : ) You doing a great thing here. : )

      • I enjoy your posts as they get people thinking. Including me. : ) Sorry if my reply was a little strong this time though. Being an artist myself, this issue is pretty important to me.

      • I didn’t forget, just got a little delayed, dogfordavid ;) You seem to have a great talent. I hope you get to use it as much as you can? I’m sure you do, but sing around the house — sing, use your great talent.

      • lol I mainly do my singing for just my boys. lol I am more of a crafter type artist, but I’ve experienced what it’s like to have my hard work just be taken and getting no recognition or pay for my hard work. It has given me a stronger appreciation for the artists (music, movies, etc) that have this happen to them on a regular basis. : )

    • I started answering you, and realized my post was really too long, to the point that it was even a bit long for a blog post, which I made it to be.
      You can see the post at

      In it, I say first that artists aren’t always remunerated when you purchase music, then saying how sometimes you cant buy the music, and finishing with an explanation on why piracy isn’t necessarily bad.
      Though, this shortening doesn’t make too much sense, so read it instead :)

      • Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my posts, teenmakerramblings. I really appreciate your thoughts on royalties and privacy — you make interesting points.
        I guess this is one “issue” that will divide people all the time. No matter what we think, it’s great having music, right?
        See you around, I hope :)

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