An automatic thing

Recently I went to a fruit stall to get some natural sugar after handing in an assignment. As I was getting my change something happened automatically: I put the change into my wallet without looking at it. Is this an automatic thing?

Action without thinking

Perhaps I was too preoccupied with the crowds in a very big city, or became engrossed at the amount of fresh fruit for really low prices. Either way I did something automatically.

Automatic reactions are a good thing because our brain has this amazing capability to keeping on top of things, even if we are not concious of it.

Have you ever remembered that a light is on, or you left your [X] on?
At the time we don’t notice, but our brain has the amazing capacity to keep us right. A few minutes/hours pass and we get this sudden reminder.
So much so, nothing too serious happens whenever we are distracted. Leaving the light on, for example, is not a big deal.

But what about the change?

I don’t have money to throw away, but after this automatic reaction I could have lost a few coins. How would I have known I was overcharged if I put the change straight into my pocket?

Maybe an automatic reaction happens whenever we feel really safe. Maybe this automatic reaction allows us to show trust towards another human. Did I simply trust the fruit stall guy and felt so safe that he wouldn’t screw me over? Maybe

PS, he gave me the correct change. This time it really was a good automatic thing.

What are your automatic things?

What have/did/do you do? Is there this one [thing] that you keep forgetting and suddenly remember?


4 thoughts on “An automatic thing

  1. I drive automatically. How dangerous is that?? My subconscious always takes over when I drive. To prevent it, I turn up the music loud and drive fast. haha. Even more dangerous! I’m careful I swear.

  2. I do both, put my change in my pocket or purse, drive on auto pilot, but I don’t drive fast. I have many little habits that I think are becoming more automatic than I’d like, such the amount of interaction I have with others. Friends/family/customers.

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