Happy New Year, 2013

I did it, another year blogging on WordPress. I think my content is better than it once was, and I think my level of engagement is proving that with time and effort most things are possible: if you take time and put effort into a blog’s content, it will be a good blog.

The structured dates

We all know what is going to happen for a little bit of 2013 because of who we are. For example, you will celebrate your birthday in 2013, you may even go through an old wedding album on your wedding anniversary. These are the structured dates of our lives.

A new start

If you have not had a good 2012, you could look at 2013 as being your year. Will it be the year you apply yourself and get that job? Does it allow us to start to become more positive and happy by realising that time is short and precious?

Whatever you are doing over the holidays, enjoy the moment. Really get into it, let your hair down and have a laugh. life is really short. New Year is also a new time because it allows us to turn a new page, sort of, which allows us to enjoy ourselves and others.

If I could say one thing about New Year’s, it would be:

I love New Year because the whole world, almost, celebrates the same thing.

Happy New Year bloggers. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.


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