A stressful few days and bad luck

Firstly, apologies to everyone who reads this blog. Since New Year you might have thought I disappeared. Let me tell you why I haven’t been blogging:

  • Over Christmas and New Year I have been at home with my family and friends. So there was a lot of things to do — including being lazy. Maybe time out is required once a year?!
  • The software on my laptop decided to stop working: software failure meant I had to send it off to the manufacturer. Unlucky! This experience made me realise how much I use the internet. I got the odd website on my mobile, of course.
  • I have had several reports for university — so the last two weeks have been ultra busy.

1digitalfingerprint is back

On Monday I hope to get back into the swing of this blog. Most of my deadlines are over, for another few weeks. Hope to see you all soon.


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