We need to take action, albeit small

If there is one thing that I do not like in life, it’s reading (hearing, realising…) that animals (people, things…) suffer as a result of our complete lack of care (understanding, actions…).

Why do birds die?

Recently I was reading a BBC News article telling us that a waxy, grease-like substance was found on the sea. This caused a lot of birds to die. We are killing our planet, ourselves… We are destroying some of the most wonderful things on Earth, maybe other life in this universe!

How can I help to save and respect our planet?

If everyone reading this really thought about how they can make small changes to save the planet the whole universe will not be destroyed, at least for another few decades. So how can we all help?

  • Recycle anything you can
  • Never litter! If there’s no bin nearby, put it in your pocket and bin it whenever you see a bin — there’s no excuse
  • Only use what you need to use. Things like water, electric…
  • Think sensibly. Why do I need X on?
  • Don’t put things in the ocean

When we do these things animals may be suffering. Litter, for example, can destroy wildlife. Having the light on means generators need to run, this requires huge machines, which can destroy natural things, such as, trees…

I hope you get the idea. We are killing our wonderful planet by destroying some of the most beautiful things on earth. We are killing ourselves. Take action — think about taking action.

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