Gerald says hello

This is the second year of this blog and I never thought two years ago that I would be writing a post on here telling other people who I am.

Who is the writer behind 1digitalfingerprint?

I am Gerald Murphy and you can find out more details on my search engine technology blog. I have two separate blogs and I thought I would publicly connect them to help me as I seek full time employment: I will have a BSc in Information and Communications by June 2013.

Why is a blog a good thing?

Blogging shows that you can write content from nothing, or very little. Employers like this because you can think interdependently and publish material which can be read by a specific audience. So if you blog about food, your own life, or life itself (the main aim of 1digitalfingerprint)… you are also broadcasting the fact that you can create good quality content.

I hope to work within SEO and digital marketing upon graduation, so personally speaking these blogs are important. If I am working on an SEO campaign and a client wants new content, or improved content, I will be able to do it. Blogging adds to one’s skills, furthermore it shows the world (potentially) some of your skills.

This blog will not change. I will continue to write about the things that I have been writing about. I hope to see all my readers, fantastic followers and the WordPress community on here soon. From now on you will know my name — Gerald.


10 thoughts on “Gerald says hello

  1. Hello Gerald :-) And my name is Jane, if you hadn’t already guessed. My blog has been good for me because it has helped me express how I’m feeling, rather than keeping it all inside. And I love reading what other people write, people who I wouldn’t get to meet in everyday life. We all write for very different reasons, but it’s nice that we are connecting through the words that we write.
    Jane x

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