What to do whenever you have a bad day

Bad days happen to everyone. There are no exceptions to this: you, your neighbour, your cousin may not suffer from a depressive illness, but they are likely to have suffered from a bad day. A bad day doesn’t mean the end of the world. A bad day can be difficult to control, especially if we get caught up in the moment of deep thought(s). What can you do to make a bad day a bad few hours: what can you do to shorten this normal, yet unwanted experience?

listen to your favourite song
music is a very powerful tool to help us through difficult times. Music can also allow us to really enjoy a good moment — see just how powerful music is? Remember the music: hear it everywhere post, or, music, music, music post?
store your favourite text messages for easy retrieval
Do you ever get a text that makes you smile? Keep it, store it. You can do this by taking a screen shot of a text. Reading that same text can allow you to experience those good feelings, even if you don’t think you can enjoy them.
Look at pictures of you with your family, or friends (or/and your pet animal)
Actually look at the people in your life. You know all of them, I bet you can think of a really memorable moment with each and every one!
Get in touch, stay connected
Text, ring or speak to your friend(s) about normal things. Do not sit by yourself all day, get up and go — get in touch with people.

Bad days happen, they’re a part of life

Just remember that your bad day will not last forever. Your good feelings (such as the great feeling you got from a text message, for example) will be back soon. A bad day does not last forever!

What do you do? What else can you suggest?


16 thoughts on “What to do whenever you have a bad day

  1. What do I do you ask? Smile and/or laugh. At yourself, a friend, a memory. At absolutely nothing. Even if you’re in a terrible mood that can help.

  2. I usually get my motivation fix from pictures and quotes, and when I need to laugh I go over to funny TV-shows or cartoons. Of course, there is always 9gag too. Instant cheer up =^-^=

  3. Like you said, a bad day is just that. They pass, as awful as they are at the time. My advice is try not to be alone if you are having a black day. Interact with others in any way you can. WordPress worked for me when things seemed really bleak.
    Love, Jane x

  4. good advice! i keep a little box of notes, cards, etc. from loved ones. sometimes when i’m feeling down, looking through it reminds me how much i’m loved. and i love that you said reach out. we tend to isolate ourselves when feeling bad…sometimes, it’s when we need people the most! –kris

  5. Great post thanks for sharing there are some brilliant ideas there. I also got on to something at the beginning of the year. Every day you have that is wonderful, you write it down and put it in to a jar or box so that at the end of the year (or earlier if need be) you can look over at the many great moments you had that year.

  6. Great post and wonderful ideas :) The music thing is what I do the most around here. I also get out a good book if I am able and I have created a “that-a-girl” file so to speak (got the idea from an old youth pastor) that is full of simple notes, thank-you cards, pictures that make me smile, inspiring quotes, and things like that which can help remind me of things I’ve accomplished, lives I have touched, and dreams I have seen fulfilled or am getting closer to. It helps me put things back into brighter perspectives. :)

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