A relevant conversation

What does relevant mean?

closely connected or appropriate to the matter in hand
Oxford English Dictionary’s definition

Right now this post is relevant to you, you have logged onto your computer to read this blog. Why are things not always relevant?

Why are things no longer relevant?

So we know what relevant means but why do the things we used to enjoy become boring, or non-enjoyable tasks?

Age changes our perspective. Age alters relevancy.
So as we get older we can reflect on what we used to like, such as, a radio station, for example. Sometimes these things are no longer relevant because we are older: age changes our outlook because we grow up to learn and enjoy different things. Is this why adults do not go and build sandcastles every afternoon?
Relevant changes with the here and now
Why play a song in front of friends who don’t like it? It’s not relevant, or appropriate. Relevancy can depend on the actual moment in time.

As we grow older, which happens every second of every moment in life, we change what we think is relevant. Whatever you think relevancy is depends upon who you are (sometimes things like relationships, money and family circumstances change what we see as being relevant). If one person doesn’t think something’s good, maybe it is not relevant to them. Don’t let this beat you up. Go with what is relevant to you: Go with your gut instinct — what feels right.


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